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A Modular Digital VLSI Flow for High-Productivity SoC Design


A Modular Digital VLSI Flow for High-productivity SoC Design

iRazor: Current-Based Error Detection and Correction Scheme for PVT Variation in 40-nm ARM Cortex-R4 Processor


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A high-productivity digital VLSI flow for designing complex SoCs is presented. The flow includes high-level synthesis tools, an object-oriented library of synthesizable SystemC and C++ components, and a modular VLSI physical design approach based on fine-grained globally asynchronous locally synchronous (GALS) clocking. The flow was demonstrated on a 16nm FinFET testchip targeting machine learning and computer vision.
Proceedings of the 55th Annual Design Automation Conference (DAC), 2018

Near-threshold operations provide a powerful knob for improving energy efficiency and alleviating on-chip power densities. This article explores the impact of newest FinFET CMOS technologies (from 40 to 7 nm) on near-threshold computing in terms of performance and energy efficiency.
IEEE Design Test, 2017

In recent years, operating at near-threshold supply voltages has been proposed to improve energy efficiency in circuits, yet decreased efficacy of dynamic voltage scaling has been observed in recent planar technologies. However, foundries have introduced a shift from planar to FinFET fabrication processes. In this paper, we study 7nm FinFET’s ability to voltage scale and compare it to planar technologies across three dynamic voltage scaling scenarios. The switch to FinFET allows for a return to strong voltage scalability. We find up to 8.6 × higher energy efficiency at NT compared to nominal supply voltage (vs. 4.8 × gain in 20nm planar).
2016 53nd ACM/EDAC/IEEE Design Automation Conference (DAC), 2016